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Your Google Business Profile is the #1 way that new clients can find you online. The profile for your local business might not currently be claimed- but you can take control of it 100% free!

Here's a Video Overview of What it is and Why it's Important.

Your Google Business Listing is arguably the most important digital asset that your business owns. Let's take advantage of it with these easy step-by-step instructions!

First, We need to visit your google business profile.

Click the button below to go to your Google Business Profile. In the left-hand column, look for a link that says "Claim this business" and click it.


Let's Take Control

Click the button that says:

ManagE Now

You will have some vericication options

Choose Your Verification Method


Verification Methods

Depending on your site, you'll have different options to be able to verify. You might have Text/Phone call, Email, or Postcard by Mail. If you choose Text/Phone then it will have to go to the phone number listed in the profile. If you choose Email then it will have to go to an email address with the domain name listed on the profile. If you don't have access to the phone number or email with that domain name, you can choose Postcard by Mail and Google will mail you a postcard that will have a unique set of numbers on it (within a few days). You will then be able to verify the account by entering those numbers and clicking "Verify".

Follow Steps to Verify

Follow steps to Verify

Follow The Steps

If you're using Text/Call or Email, you can follow the steps immediately. If you choose the post card method, you will have to wait a few days until the postcard arrives in the mail. Once it arrives, you'll go back through the initial steps and you'll see an option to enter a Verification Code. You can also go back to and you'll have the option to enter the verification code.

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Choosing Your Primary Category for your Google Business Listing is incredibly important.

Want us to show you a step-by-step tutorial for the entire process to make it incredibly simple?

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